How-To Videos

How to set the timer

  1. Hold down SET button and then press TIMER button at the same time to begin mode selection.
  2. Release both buttons and Press TIMER button only to select the next mode (within 5 seconds).
  3. The mode selected will flash for 5 seconds and begin.

(To change modes again, repeat steps 1 and 2)

In Try Me mode, children can play the song and lights simply by pushing the TIMER button.

In the 30, 60 and 90 minutes count down modes, the song and lights play ONLY at the end of the count down period.

Off Mode stops the timer. 

Modes Display
30 minutes 30:00
60 minutes 60:00
90 minutes 90:00

Changing the Batteries


Use a paper clip to depress the spring bars and remove the watch band from the watch case.

Use the small jeweler’s (Phillips head) screwdriver to remove the three screws on the back of the watch case. Remove the back half of the watch case to see the circuit board.

Remove the circuit board from the watch case to see the attached batteries.
Replace the batteries with the two alkaline button cell batteries provided, making sure the positive (flat) side of both batteries face up as shown.

Reverse steps 1-3. Place the circuit board with new batteries back inside the watch case. Secure the watch case using the original screws and replace the watch band.


Troubleshooting Tips