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Potty training doesn't have to be hard!


We do the reminding so you don't have to!


Flashing lights & music make potty time fun!


Trusted by 1 Million Families


Set for 30, 60, or 90 minutes

It's that easy! Potty Watch timer resets automatically all day long.

Lights & Music

When it's time to go, the lights blink and music plays. There are 3 different tunes to enjoy.

Consistency is Key

Potty Watch fosters independence and kids won't feel pressured by you when it's time to go.


Oh my goodness my son just absolutely loves this watch.. It’s to the point where he hears the songs from the watch with the lights that make him automatically run to the toilet. Calling all Moms out there this watch right here is a must have to help establish potty training and making it fun.


"This product was Awesome such a life saver getting my stubborn Son potty trained! The music that played and how it lights up was Great, plus he thought he was pretty cool wearing a "watch"😎 I would recommend the Potty Watch to any parent 😊" 

Kristal T.

"Two days with the potty watch and one accident thank you potty watch we have tried so hard to train her and nothing worked until we got the potty watch amazing thank you."

Mindy B.

"Using for a 3 year old boy who forgets to go, but hates being told to go. This makes it his responsibility to check in with the potty every 30 mins or so. Easy to use. Lights up, flashes, plays music  when the timer goes off, he says ""It's potty time!"" and runs to go potty. I wish we'd gotten this sooner when we'd first started training."

Amazon Customer

"I couldn't have potty trained without this! We tried for months and gave up over and over. After using the potty watch for a week my son is now completely potty trained. 🙌 I make sure to tell everyone I know about the potty watch!"

Haley C..

What a fantastic and creative concept! Thank you so much for creating this product!!! Our son absolutely loves it. He actually can’t wait for potty time now! Not to mention it totally takes the responsibility from us paying attention to a timer all day to now he pays attention to it all by himself!

Pure genius. So grateful. Can’t thank you enough!!!

Dallis & Veronica

Ready, Set, Go!

Consistency is the key! Just set it for 3060, or 90 minutes and Potty Watch does the rest! Potty Watch automatically resets for consistent reminders all day long letting kids know it's time to go, so you don't have to!